Solar Energy Systems

The solar energy is expressed as W / m 2, ie, the energy in watts per square meter.

This energy flow, which falls from the sun to the surface of 1 m2 on the earth as Watt, is called "solar radiation". Electricity generation from solar energy is carried out by photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight and photon energy from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity.



Why Polat solar

Why Polat Solar?

With years of experience in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, we are unifying the infinite beam of the Sun and solving your Electric Energy problems.

Polat Solar Energy, With the expertise of Solar Energy Solutions and the new generation high efficiency Solar Fabrik Photovoltaic Solar Panels, we project and construct the turnkey, industrial Solar Energy power generation facilities at all sizes.

The aim of our company is to have the highest standard of facilities and to obtain the highest efficiency from the facilities with international wide work experience and solar energy expertise and accumulation based on years of experience.

We are making famous brands like world famous SOLAR, LORENTZ, BLUESUN. Charge Control VICTRON, MORNINGSTAR, PROVISA, MEAN WELL brands such as our company is located in our organization.

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Clean and Unlimited Energy

In this direction, in the last few years, rapid development in the world, especially in photovoltaic panel technology, and correspondingly serious reductions in prices of solar panels, and concomitant legislation in our country, solar energy has become attractive due to the regulation of the use of electricity from the grid over the grid.

Clean and Unlimited Energy